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Kupu Kupu Design has been established in 1990 as a design and wholesale company
with its warehouse and distribution in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

The desire to combine western sophistication with Asian craftsmanship has dominated
the image of our clothing collections over the last decades.

All fabric dying as well as the manufacturing is done on the beautiful island of Bali,
where the language does not have a word for art, and creativity seems to be a talent,
everyone is born with.
The labor-intensive and nowadays rarely to be found form of fabrication, the so called
"French Seam" can be seen in almost all of our clothes and creates a clean finished
look even inside of the garment.

We only use 100% natural fiber rayon for our garments and guarantee non-bleeding
highest quality pigments for our dying process.

The ancient technique of fabric dying called "Batik" has been developed to perfection
in Bali, thanks to the never-ending flow of creative energy, prevalent to this island,
also known as "The Island of The Gods".



Kupu Kupu Design
Boulder, Colorado, USA
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